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HumouR Us... 
It has been reported, that those working in Human Resources are amongst the unhappiest workers in the United Kingdom... There are occasions when the nature of our work perhaps puts us in a more sombre mood than most, but that's not always the case and there can be a lighter side to our work too - even some humour on occasions and we will be using this space to share some of the funnier aspects of our work. Some of the stories will be true; others will be entirely fiction - but in all cases, names will be with-held to protect the guilty!!!! 

'It's Chriiiiiiii-stmas... 
Okay, so still two weeks left, but it is rapidly approaching - here's a few more Christmas Cracker jokes to get you groaning... 
Image obtained from (Elf on the Shelf) 
What happened to the man who stole an Advent Calendar? 
He got 25-days! 
Why do birds fly south for the winter? 
Because it is too far to walk! 
What is Santa's favourite pizza? 
One that is Deep-pan, crisp and even! 
What do you call someone who is scared of Santa? 
What says Oh-Oh-Oh? 
Santa walking backwards! 
What do ghosts eat at Christmas? 
What's the best Christmas present you could receive? 
A broken drum; you just can't beat it! 
Why couldn't the skeleton go to the Christmas party? 
Because he had no-body to go with! 
That's it for this week, but we will continue the countdown to Christmas with some more next week and don't forget, if you have a cracker of a joke, please share it with us and it may get published next week... 
If you have any amusing stories that you would like to share with us; please use the comments box above - we can't guarantee to publish them all, but we will review them and share some of the funnier stories... 
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