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HumouR Us... 
It has been reported, that those working in Human Resources are amongst the unhappiest workers in the United Kingdom... There are occasions when the nature of our work perhaps puts us in a more sombre mood than most, but that's not always the case and there can be a lighter side to our work too - even some humour on occasions and we will be using this space to share some of the funnier aspects of our work. Some of the stories will be true; others will be entirely fiction - but in all cases, names will be with-held to protect the guilty!!!! 

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A Management Lesson... 
A big steel company was feeling it was time for a shakeup so they hired a new Operations Manager. The new boss was determined to rid the company of all slackers and on a tour of the facilities, he noticed a guy leaning against a wall. The room was full of workers and he wanted to let them know that he meant business; so he asked the guy, "How much money do you make a week?" 
A little surprised, the young man looked at him and said, "I make £500 a week. Why?" 
The new Boss said "Wait right here."  
He walked back to his office, returning two minutes later and handed the guy £2,000 in cash and said, "Here's four weeks' pay. Now GET OUT and don't come back." 
Feeling pretty good about himself; the new boss looked around the room and asked, "Does anyone want to tell me what that slacker did here?"... 
... And from across the room a voice said, "He was a Pizza delivery guy from Domino's!!" 
If you have any amusing stories that you would like to share with us; please use the comments box above - we can't guarantee to publish them all, but we will review them and share some of the funnier stories... 
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